A Day out at Cawdor Castle

I haven’t visited Cawdor Castle for over 20 years. So a day out, wandering round the gardens and taking some photos was a brilliant idea.

So where is Cawdor Castle?  It’s about 10 miles from Inverness, and can be accessed easily from most directions.

Now, Scotland isn’t known for its wonderful weather – so I couldn’t believe how lovely the day was.  Overcast, but really warm. And what a treat the gardens were too.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse of my photo tour.

The first port of call was the Walled Garden.  I was really impressed with the layout of the gardens – a stunning avenue of laburnum trees made into an arch, with bluebells at their roots.

If you ever visit don’t forget to follow every path – as you never know where it will lead.  This path led to a hidden garden, with an amazing water feature.  And a few minutes later we stumbled on another one.  This time it was in the shape of an oak tree.  There are loads of sculptures in the gardens.

Leaving the Walled Garden and past the Castle was the Flower Garden.  Again some lovely sculptures in this garden, this one was  designed by the Scottish artist Illona Morris – and what a lovely bird feeder. As you can see this little Chaffinch thought so too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But the Flower Garden doesn’t just contain the beautifully laid out formal gardens, it also contains a wildflower garden which was in full bloom.

And through the gate from the Wildflower garden is a real treat.  A choice of woodland trails.  These images were taken on the one that lasted 2 miles.

And once that was complete – a re-fuel at the Courtyard Cafe.


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