Bringing In The Harvest

For weeks I’ve been walking past the same field of linseed rape gradually getting ready to harvest.

For weeks I’ve been saying “I must get photos of the combine cutting that crop”.

For weeks I’ve being doing this and….. I nearly missed it. I was away for the day.

My husband rushed in from taking the dog for a walk. “If you want to photograph that field, go NOW”. Well, no second telling was needed. Grabbed my camera and monopod and off I went. Normally it’s a 10 minute walk – I made it in less than that (admittedly every muscle I didn’t know I had in my legs are complaining today).

In my mind – where I’d stand to get the best shot. Hmmm. Not exactly where I expected them to be. But all wasn’t lost, the good thing about a dog – you learn all the escape routes into the field. So I picked one of the more accessible areas and got my first pictures.

Taking in the harvest

Then I decided to move around a bit further – I knew another escape route. How many times have I shouted at Willow to come back when she used that route for a wee nose in the field to see what they’d been doing. And now, here I was, using it myself. Delighted, facing the combine harvester straight on.

Combine Harvester

Another successful day.


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