Sleeps, squabbles and just lazing around

Yesterday we paid another visit to the Highland Wildlife Park.  We often visit and on this occasion there were a couple of surprises


There’s one animal that always makes my heart skip a beat.  I feel the excitement building just walking to their enclosure.  It’s the Lynx.  Normally, they’re sleeping under the vegetation, or on full view sleeping on top of one of the shelters.  But for a first for me, yesterday one of the lynx was sound asleep in the shelter.  I don’t know what it is about these lovely animals, is it their secretiveness – hiding away in the undergrowth, or their really wise faces.  But there goes my heart – skipping a beat yet again.

Sleeping Lynx


As a dog owner I find the wolves fascinating and could stand and watch them all day.  So many mannerisms that I’ve seen in my own dogs over the years. And normally, they are pretty chilled.  Not yesterday.  What squabbles, and mainly because they were pinching bones.  Then, one little wolf, just a few weeks old, sneaked in and grabbed one of the bones and innocently strolled out with it.  And, if any of its much older siblings went near – oh, the lips were curled back in defiance – “My bone, don’t even think it”.

Wolfcub chewing bone

An animal that has been much maligned over the years – think of the bad “image” from films, novels and even fairy tales.  And there it was – the photo that reminded me of the phrase in Little Read Riding Hood – “ooh grandmother, what big teeth you have”.  Obviously, this is a shot of the wolf moving its head – it’s teeth aren’t really that big.

Wolf fight showing exagerated teeth


Lazing Around

I don’t think anything can quite laze around like a polar bear.  The 2 boys were lazing – one under a tree (Arktos) and the other (Walker) was amusing himself in the pond, it looked like he was trying to blow bubbles.  To be honest, anytime I’ve been, it’s Walker who is finding some way to amuse himself whereas Arktos tend to conserve energy.

But this isn’t either of them, this is Victoria, at the top part of her enclosure.  I guess it’ll be a few more months of guessing of whether we’re going to see a small cub.

Polar Bear female Victoria


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